Thursday, August 25, 2011

Graduation Tilda

Tilda and Sara Kay

Hey everybody, it's been a while.  And the drama continues!!!  I now find myself with more time on my hands than I really care to have (financially) Eeeeek! Yes, I am currently jobless but extremely hopeful.  Had a good week in the application and response department. So, things are looking up and life goes on; however, please keep a sistah in your prayers.  Okay, enough of the drab crap; on to the goodies.  I've been busy over the last 6-8 months colouring Maggies and a few Sara Kays.  Some of them I have the color swatches made, some I do not because this revelation did not come to me until about 1-2 months ago; that I forgot to write them down, soooooooo sorry.

(Chocolat') Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a Kenny K digi.  I made this card for a friend.  I think I did really well with this one, hated to give it to him (dang-it!) but I did.

The last pic is the inside.  Y'all know I love New Orleans; my friend is from New Orleans and so is his friend; how fitting was this design!  I created the pocket with some scrap cs, the bling is from Michaels and ribbon is from JoAnn's.  I coloured CC with my Copics. 

Graduation Tilda and Edwin

Distress Tech with Copics
I have been trying different techniques.  On the Tilda's and Edwin, I tried the distress look with the Copics, my thanks to Suz Dean for the tutorial.  I feel like I'm moving through grades with the Copics and Maggies.   I did a Graduation Edwin but I guess I didn't download him to the computer (he's trapped in my camera).  I'll add him later. 


Vintage Tilda

Okay, if you are anything like me; when you get a new Maggie you gotta play.  This was one of my first Maggies, got it from the GASC.  And I was just really learning how to shade with the Copics.  The shading isn't that great but it was great playing.  It turned out good, so I decided to keep it.  I made a card front and  eventually I will make it into a full card. 
She is a real doll can't wait to really do something else with her.

Balloon Tilda double pocket card

Tried to be a little creative with Tilda with a balloon.  Decided I would do a double pocket. The tag can be placed in the solid green and purple as well as on the other side of the card shown below; it can be placed in the flower pocket.  I used some of the Liquid Pearl for the flower centers.  The paper I got at JoAnn's. 
Distress colouring with Copics
Colourless Blender
Nesti, SU scalloped border punch, and white Pen,
Doohickey Tag die
Seam binding ribbon JoAnn's and Happy Birthday stamp from Michaels

Easel Card with Ribboned Haired Tilda

I forgot the base front (the stopper) on this card but I was so tired, I never got around to putting it on.  I decided that the velvet ribbon would be enough to hold the card.  Perhaps at a later date (this card is at least 4 months) I shall put something there.  I exhaust myself so with the LO and colouring; I never get around to it.  I rarely give them away and my scrapbook/stamping BFF Lesi will tell you, I surely do not sell them.  I'm always trying to get people to learn how to create them on their own ( I don't have to charge them a rediculous price).  So far no takers, they would rather buy them (go figure)!

New Tildas Seeding Tilda and Gardening Tilda

New Maggies- lovin' num!!!!!!!   The story behind this card is kind of funny.  I was at Lesi's and saw this really pretty paper.  She thought it was the ugly paper and had one of those what the hxxx was I thinking when I bought that paper moment.  At the same time she was teaching me to use my MS scoreboard to make an envelope.  I used the gardening paper to make a scrap  envelope, with no intention on using it for anything but an example (incase I wanted to make matching envelopes for my cards).   Well let me just say, it turned out so good and the paper was sooooo pretty, I couldn't just let it sit there.  I decided after seeing the new Tildas (I think they are from the Rainbow Collection) that I just had to do a card to make that lovey envelope.   Hope you enjoy!

Watering Colouring Tilda and her Bunny

I am so insane sometimes! I kept wondering why my water colouring didn't look anything near what I see y'all do!  Well, in all my infinite wisdom-I realized the key to the whole thing is in the paper.  The WATER COLOURED paper!  Ooh lawdy, sometimes I scare myself.    But after my epiphany, I finally did my first card and y'all it only took me 2 days!!!!!    Had one little issue-where we live, the local big 3 do not carry a too many #1 water coloured or mixed media brushes.  So I used #0 and #2 water coloured brushes.  I am going to try the art store this weekend (for that #1 brush).

I still have a few more cards one of which I designed, but it's late and I have to get up earlier for my new job; which is looking for a job.   I'll try to download the others tomorrow evening or sometime soon.   Again I hope you all enjoy and give me some feedback if you like. 

P.S. Stampin' Up! workshop Saturday 8/27/11 at my house.  If you can't make it to the workshop and would like to place an order please,  contact Barbara Cambron.  You kind find her in the on-line demonstrator directory.  If you want to order anything from the summer mini, those orders must be in by 8/31/11 11pm CST.
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