Saturday, December 10, 2011

Exciting New!!!!

My U-Verse is up and running!  Yippeeeeeee! I am sooooo pumped now! I am coming to you live from my SB room!  No more going from room to room.  I can create while sitting in bed watching TV, oh my goodness; I am so excited.  I could not wait to finish the project I'm working on before I blogged.  I could just scream, I'm so excited.   I probably won't go to bed tonight.  Ooooh wee, somebody help me!!!!!!!  I'm sure I'll come back to earth once I see my first bill... but for now AT&T ROCKS!!! it's a hot-diggity-dogg-hootin'-hollarin-time in my little world!!   I'll be back soon with my creation for Memas Craft Colour  The challenge is in progress so be sure and hurry over, she has some awesome prizes.  Since I'm her SB BFF I can't win but you might, so get a move on... and good luck!

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