Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Great Find at Hobby Lobby

What's up my folks?!
Wrote a blog about it, wanna hear it, here it go!!  Over the past weekend my car died (can you say BUMMER DRAG?)!   Oooh, I was madder than a nanny goat in a pepper patch!  I mean I was steaming mad!  Trapped in my house like a rat in a maze over the weekend!!!  However, just prior (like litterally) the day before this tragic event I needed something to put my scrap/play card stock (SPCS) in.  My SPCS is some CS that a nice lady I use to work with gave me (cleaning out her scraproom).  A friend of hers works for a paper company.  The employees are given all this paper and CS for their personal use (cleaning out the company's scraproom (lol)).  Well, I think the fire marshall threatened to shut my friend's house down if she didn't get rid of some of that paper and CS; so she found a willing victim (that would be me) to give all this paper and CS to.  Y'all I have CS galore! All shades and different sizes, from matte to shimmery, texture, smooth, two-tone and so on.  I put it in colour family order and had it in a cardboard box.  Well, the box like my last vehicle bit the dust over the weekend.  So I went to Hobby Lobby looking for a nice inexpensive basket to put the paper and CS in.  Instead, I found this darlinged chest.  It kind of reminds me of Tim Holtz's Vagabond. Annnnnnnnd...wait for it... I found a cutesee little stand to put the chest on so I would not have to break my back, lock up my knees, and tumble over headfirst from cutting off the circulation to everything from the navel up!   I tried to take pictures that would show you the inside of the trunk, not sure how well you'll be able to see but it is dagg-nabbit cool! It works perfectly. Underneath are scraps of paper (also separated by colour family).  It so wonderful to be able to go to a specific spot to find the colour you need.  I use to exhaust myself looking through thousands of scraps, looking for that one specific colour of a scrap piece of paper or cardstock.  Although this is my play paper and CS, I do use this for some of my cards that I post.  Now, I'm off to find something larger to hold the scraps.  The trunk was $35 and the stand was $29, didn't even need a coupon (they were on sale).  The trunk has a clicking hinge and holds itself in place.  Oh my gosh what a find!  Hopefully next payday, I'll get to buy myself another little goody. 

Hugz from Me
p.s. I had to purchase another vehicle, that's a whole different story, but a good one in the end.  Chat soon.

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  1. Great post! Sorry you had to get a new car but glad you aren't still stuck in the house...


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