Saturday, June 13, 2015

Diamond Filigree Background Stamp

Hi everyone,
    I hope all is well for you this evening.  I felt a little energetic and decided to play in my craft lab today.  I will share my little creation later in the post.  First, I want to share some sad news...I decided to close my store.   Yeah, I wasn't selling like I thought I might, even with self advertising on FB.  Although; I have to say, I'm really not broke-up about it.  I NEVER planned to have 25 cards in the store at one time let alone 100, which is what I was paying for.  I did it for one month and that was enough for me.  Just more work that I didn't need.  I don't mind selling my card and altered projects but when it turns my crafting into another job, that is where I draw the line! So no sorrow or sadness, more like a relief; one less thing to monitor and worry over.  Other sad news, my blog has been acting up really bad.  My post for Mema's Crafts last challenge did not post as scheduled.  I have timed all my post for her challenges and they have all posted automatically without a problem until this last one.  So I just corrected that and it is now posted.  The card is called the Graduate (I think).  It's really cute (once again, my thought).  
   Okay, so on to what I did today.  You know how you just keep collecting beautiful dies and stamps and say you are going to make something but you never do; then life gets in the way and then you don't have time?? Well, I decided today, I had some energy, I got out some stuff, look at some cards that inspire me and got to work.  And so that I would stay focused, I decided to take my energy as far as it would go and stop there.  My problem is I over work it and try to either come up with some spectacular design on my own and try to finish it all in one night.  I mentally and physically exhaust myself, I get frustrated, I end up rushing through the project, not giving it my best, disliking it, not finishing it, and being pissed because I wasted my crafting supplies.  Well, I just decided that would be a NO for today.  I would do what I could and when my mind started to wonder too much, that was it for that project or card for the day.  I was able to get the front of the card done today.  I did not do the inside yet but it will be something simple maybe just plane colour coordinated panels and I haven't made an envelope either.
   I used the JustRite Stampers Diamond Filigree Background stamp to make this adorable little A2 (4 1/4 x 5 1/2") card.  I also used Spellbinders Belly Bands Two, Stampin UP classic ink and cardstock Marina Mist, Recollections White cardstock, some white seam binding (love seam binding!!), some Recollections tiny flat pearls, and Wild Orchid Craft white Sweetheart flowers.  What a simple but elegant little birthday greeting.  Tip: Background stamps can be very difficult to control if you don't have large and steady hands (I have neither).  Thinking within my crafting box...I decided to use my Prima doll block.  The large Prima doll stamping block (I do not believe this to be it's official name) measures 6" x 8", this is more than enough room to accommodate most of your background stamps.  It also has a handle for even better control and pressure distribution.  So, if you don't have one, this is one of those highly recommended items (smile).   For my next venture I'm going to try a little game. I'm going to close my eyes, spin around my craft lab (pray I don't fall), point to something, and whatever I see when I open my eyes is what I have use in or on the next project/card.  Enjoy...

Hugz from Moi

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