Saturday, April 7, 2012

Multi Cut Card

Hey everyone,
    Hope all is going well. I am finally in my stamp lab.  I've been playing in my yard all day, ooh lawdaaay I'm one tired sister!  I also had to go price new trees.  Unfortunately, last years Texas drought really did a number on my oak saplings and they are gone (sad face).  I really have to work fast to get them out of the ground or else my HOA will be sending me a letter (how special).  So next week, instead of by stamping supplies, I'll be using my funds to buy two new trees.  Have yins priced trees lately?! It's just insane! It's $300 bucks for a baby tree!!!!!! I need a total of 4 trees!  Oh well, in a couple of years my yard will be just the way I want it (it better be for the total price of all the landscaping I have to do).  Oh yeah, did I tell you I got rid of the yard men? Yeah, now I'm the yard person. Have yins seen the price of lawn equipment?! I'm not even going there (oh yes the heck I am)  just go to Home Depot or Loews.  It's seems my money was just floating out of my purse every step I took in the store.  Whew, I need to just calm down.  I'm in a serene place (my stamp lab), I need to Release, Relax, and Relate... 
     Well, enough of that craziness on to bigger and better things.  I want to share a card that I saw on the YOU.  I am so sorry, I get so excited about making the card that I forget to write the name of the person on You Tube.  I will try to be more mindful of this.  I know that some folk (yes, I mean folk) get a little perturbed if you do not mention them.  My apologies fellow cardies, I promise to be more mindful from now on (ok, feeling really guilty right about now).  Ok, ok so let me show you my card.  I don't have anyone in particular to give the card to ( I never do)  but you can never have enough cards in  your arsenal for any occasion. So without further delay, as the saying goes- HERE'S MY CARD-BAM!

Don't forget only 2 more days until the debut of
Jackson's Digital Expressions Blog Hop and Challenge !

Paper/CS: JoAnn's stock (brown and white).
Patterned Paper: Hobby Lobby (this is really cute paper, they now have it in a pink tone as well).
Ribbon: Stampin' Up! 1/4 Grosgrain Chocolate Chip (retired).


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