Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 Days to Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics

OMG (TEN)10 days! to opening ceremonies...I am so excited; you would have thought I had a child or friend in the competitions!!!  I don't know why but I just get so excited.  I love, love, love the Olympics.  I love the Olympics some much that back in 1996 I made Christmas ornaments for each country that participated (I think it was 196 countries).  I still use the ornaments every Olympic year.  I'll try to dig out a photo on a future post. 
But now on to the opening ceremonies to my first ever challenge!   Next Friday 7/20/12 I will have the first challenge all about the Olympics, this one will end on 7/26/12.  Then the next challenge will run from 7/27/12 (Open ceremonies day) until midnight  Texas, US central time of closing ceremonies day.  The rules apply to both challenges: You can use any image or non-image, tag, bag, box, altered art, etc.; however, IT MUST BE DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE OLYMPICS!  ONE (1) entry per person.  You may represent your native country or any country you want but they must be a participating country in the 2012 Olympics. For a complete list of participating countries you can go to the Altius Directory .  You can also find out other information related the  Olympics. You must give some information about the country you are representing, the Olympics, inspiration, etc. (no you do not have to use all of the examples, just choose one).  Your project date can be no older than today 7/17/12 Tuesday (nothing from before today's date).  I will be setting up Mr. Linky, so your beautiful works of art can be displayed.  For the Olympic Count Down challenge there will be ONE (1) winner.  For the Olympic challenge there will be 3 winners (Gold, Silver, and Bronze).  Winners must collect their prizes within (Five) 5 days of winning otherwise another name will be choosen. I reserve the right to modify the rules as necessary.   

Okay so here we go!  Remember the Olympic Count Down Challenge starts Friday 7/20/12 and runs until 7/26/12.    Here is a little inspiration to get y'all started.  I made a treat bag.  These are a different take on an old favorite.  They are extremely easy to make and very quick, just in case you have to do a mass order (LOL).   I will not do an image for every day of the count down or the Olympics; however, if someone wants to donate their project in the spirit of the games as a featured artist; please e-mail me at mszbeasley99@att.net. Who knows, there may be a little somethin' somethin' in it for the feature donation.   

Alright y'all let's get it crackin'
Hugz from Me

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