Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Tildas Seeding Tilda and Gardening Tilda

New Maggies- lovin' num!!!!!!!   The story behind this card is kind of funny.  I was at Lesi's and saw this really pretty paper.  She thought it was the ugly paper and had one of those what the hxxx was I thinking when I bought that paper moment.  At the same time she was teaching me to use my MS scoreboard to make an envelope.  I used the gardening paper to make a scrap  envelope, with no intention on using it for anything but an example (incase I wanted to make matching envelopes for my cards).   Well let me just say, it turned out so good and the paper was sooooo pretty, I couldn't just let it sit there.  I decided after seeing the new Tildas (I think they are from the Rainbow Collection) that I just had to do a card to make that lovey envelope.   Hope you enjoy!

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