Thursday, August 25, 2011

Watering Colouring Tilda and her Bunny

I am so insane sometimes! I kept wondering why my water colouring didn't look anything near what I see y'all do!  Well, in all my infinite wisdom-I realized the key to the whole thing is in the paper.  The WATER COLOURED paper!  Ooh lawdy, sometimes I scare myself.    But after my epiphany, I finally did my first card and y'all it only took me 2 days!!!!!    Had one little issue-where we live, the local big 3 do not carry a too many #1 water coloured or mixed media brushes.  So I used #0 and #2 water coloured brushes.  I am going to try the art store this weekend (for that #1 brush).

I still have a few more cards one of which I designed, but it's late and I have to get up earlier for my new job; which is looking for a job.   I'll try to download the others tomorrow evening or sometime soon.   Again I hope you all enjoy and give me some feedback if you like. 

P.S. Stampin' Up! workshop Saturday 8/27/11 at my house.  If you can't make it to the workshop and would like to place an order please,  contact Barbara Cambron.  You kind find her in the on-line demonstrator directory.  If you want to order anything from the summer mini, those orders must be in by 8/31/11 11pm CST.

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