Friday, March 25, 2016


Well Happy Easter Bunnies!
I finished one of my major projects, so it's break time!  I decided that I really need to practice hair coloring with my Copic Markers (currently I know one colour-brown).  I needed to start with blondes and blacks; they are the worst, so why not tackle those first? Wow...I must say, coloring black hair is a real skill ( of which I have not eeeeeeven mastered).  I did a lot research over the last couple of days and there are some excellent tutorials and very talented folks out there, kudos to all of you.  But since I'm just starting this journey with coloring hair, I needed to start some place simple.  One of my research resources was Pinterest (of course-lol).  I found the colour combinations given by Heather's Hobbie Haven helped me to get close to my goal for today ( color some hair without tearing up the paper and giving up)...mission accomplished! I coloured 5 different shades or variations of black.  I'm still not where I want to be but I think I did a pretty good job today.  I've attempted black hair many times in the past.  Sadly, all my images seem to come out looking like they are prematurely gray, so I let that challenge go for a little bit (it was working my nerves a little too much). Now, I have more time to focus on this one area and hopefully (soon) I will be good it.  I can blend colours pretty well but trying to blend colours to make black takes the patient of Job! (hold me up Holy Ghost!)  I was so happy with today's attempt, I'm just going to keep it (won't make a card or anything).  The image I used is a an old digi from Saturated Canary, called Boobie Love.  My scrappin' BFF Lesia and I are also trying to do more darker skin toned images.  I love, love, love the colour I got for her skin (it's the same as mine. I named the color "Choco-la-ta-tay".  I enlarged the image and copied several head shots on one sheet of Neenah paper to practice on.   I need to keep practicing the black.  I like what I did today but I know it can be much better.  Usually I'm a stickler for staying within the lines but this time it was all about getting the colour and shading right.  Once we have those down, we'll go back to making sure we stay in the lines.   Well here's a look-see at where I'm at so far...

Hair: N3, N5, N7, N9, and 100
Eyes: E25, E27, E29
Skin: E49, E59, E57, E55
Rose and Lips: R89, R59, R29, R27, R24
Til' next time...Hugz from me


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