Friday, April 6, 2012

Prismacolor Pencils and no Gamsol or Mineral Spirits!!

Hello my people!
     I'll bet you're just as shocked as I am.  Whaaaaaaat?! SS is picking up the pace on her bloggin'? Yes, I have a little more to say these days.  The last few weeks has been interesting to say the least but I won't bore yins with the details.  On to the show... Okay, so I'm trying to do a little more here and there; so now all of a sudden I'm really liking these Prismacolour pencils (however never, I say never more than  my COPICS)!!  I have a very dear friend who has lung problems so they can't really do the Gamsol and certainly not the Mineral Spirits from you know where!  I started thinking about what could they do to achieve the same effects as the above mentioned solutions.  When in question of "how to"  I just go to school on the YOU.  You Tube that is. I found this video and thank you to the individuals who put this instructional on, it was wonderful.  I thought I saved the link but sorry yins, with all my technilogical skills I DID NOT.  But just go to YT and put in Prismacolour pencils or something related and the video should come up (I said it "should", maybe the would should be "might").  It's a lady colouring a flower with only Prismacolour or some brand of coloured pencils, a white coloured pencil and she uses a retractable eraser. You talking about pretty, oh my!  Of course, I had to just go right out and purchase  more coloured pencils (Prismacolor-because the 12 I had was surely not enough), plus 4 white Prismacolour pencils (yes, one does come in the package), and some retractable erasers (also bought a package of refills because of course the 3 in the package would not be enough-overkill is a good thing).  I love this technique, no smelly liquids to achieve the same look as if you did use the stinky stuff. I did not make it into a card, because I was just playing around but I really like the way it turned out.  Check it out and be sure to try the technique out as well (yes, this would be a good time to dust those pencils off that you bought at the stamp show or the convention, you know the ones you haven't used but paid a mint for-lol).  If you don't have any, well you know what that means!!! Run, don't walk, hurry, someone else near you is on their way to the store to get some and by the time you get there they'll be out!!! (Oh dear, how sad that will be)!!!!!!

3 days and counting to the Jackson's Digital Expressions Inaugural Blog Hop & Challenge!

Enjoy, chat again soon, Joyce

Prismacolor Pencils including Blanc or White Pencil
Pentel Eraser (I purchased at Office Max)
Fifth Avenue Floral (Stampin Up #113734, $24.95, pg 110 of current book) beautiful set, I highly  recommend this one. Only comes in wood mount.
Chicken Wire background stamp (can't remember the vendor but I got it at the GASC 2011)
Momento Tuxedo Black ink
Crumb Cake Classic ink (Stampin Up #121030, $5.95, pg 180 of current book)

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