Sunday, April 29, 2012

Branching Out (or at least trying to)

Okay folks, in my quest to venture out; I decided I would try my hand at  making a video.  I am exhausted!  My head hurts from thinking and trying to figure this out, so I'm just going to try to upload what I have.  It is EXTREMELY generic! You may get more of a laugh rather than actual colouring tips from this fiasco.  Let me just say, James Cameron doesn't have anything to worry about! At the end of film nightmare, I realized that I should have probably had the video either position over my shoulders or on the side.    I also discovered that I should have shot this with solar light or natural lighting.  There is just waaaaay too much stuff involved in this video tutorialin'.   I am currently finishing up WRITTEN tutorials for Jackson's Digital Expressions  on colouring with Copics using one of Robert's images.  Yeah, that's not so easy either...however, I'm no quitter (currently); so I'll just keep it pushin'.   Now, that I have conquered the world of film; I'm pushin' on to landscaping (mowing the lawn) watch out Briggs & Stratton and DYI the Scrapbook Stampinista is coming thru!!!!!

Til' da next time (get it Tilda...ooh I just crack myself up! hee-hee) ,  Fleur-de-Lys `a chacun!


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